Testimonials and Endorsements

White Pine Commerce Park has received support from various community organizations, groups and individuals. Below are just a few of the endorsements made throughout the community for White Pine Commerce Park.

Written Testimonials and Endorsements

Letter from Barb Soule, Burnet Road Resident

CNY is such a beautiful and desirable area to live in. We know that a project such as White Pine Commerce Park would attract more people to relocate to the area, not only for the plentiful options as far as jobs generated, but also because of the quality of life residents of CNY enjoy.

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Letter from Joe Kalil, Owner of Home Team Pub

There is a global shortage of semi-conductor chips that is having a huge effect on my industry. POS or Point of Sale machines are crucial for restaurants and bars. These machines require chips.

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Video Testimonials and Endorsements

Erik Smith, President and CEO, Saab, Inc.

Gregory Lancette, President, Central-Northern New York Building & Construction Trades Council 

Hannah Henley, Vice President of Marketing, INFICON

Carpenters Local 277 Representative Mitch Latimer

Randy Wolken, President & CEO, Manufacturers Association of New York