Frequently Asked Questions

Who is spearheading this effort?
Under the leadership of County Executive Ryan McMahon, the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA) is developing White Pine Commerce Park in Clay into a world-class site for the high-tech advanced manufacturing industry.

Should, for example, a semiconductor manufacturer select White Pine Commerce Park for a next-gen manufacturing facility, Onondaga County is expected to see renewed economic and cultural vitality – the likes of which have not been seen since companies like Carrier, GM and Allied Chemical employed thousands in our community.

Why White Pine Commerce Park?

White Pine Commerce Park is one of only a few locations like it in the world. It possesses a unique set of attributes necessary for tomorrow’s high-tech industry. This includes access to large amounts of reliable electricity, transportation infrastructure and water, an educated local workforce, available land and proximity to related industries and US government contractors, to name a few.

What critical infrastructure serves the location?

Situated near I-90, I-81, Hancock International passenger and cargo airport as well as an intermodal rail yard and accessible deep-water port in Oswego, White Pine Commerce Park provides access to redundant and resilient energy supply and infrastructure. This includes on-site access to 540 MVA of electrical capacity supplied from 345 kV transmission lines and 7,000 cubic meters/hr of natural gas capacity. Water supply is available from a large water transmission main on the site with 1 Mgal/day available now with present options to reach the site with 20 Mgal/day water capacity.

How big is White Pine Commerce Park and is the site ready for a high-tech tenant?

White Pine Commerce Park will encompass over 1,200 acres of land that provides gas and electric designs, appropriate zoning and completed studies. These studies cover the New York state environmental quality review process (NYSEQR), historic reviews (NYSHPO), geotechnical, traffic, Phase I ESA, and EMI/vibration.

When OCIDA says there is ‘skilled local workforce,’ what does that mean?

With a regional population of over 1 million, Central New York has one of the greatest concentration of colleges and universities in the United States.

When OCIDA says White Pine Commerce Park is near “related industries and US government contractors,” what does that mean?

This American location is also host to related industries and US government contractors including, but in no way limited to, Amazon, Anaren, Inc, Carrier Corporation, Inficon, Lockheed Martin, Saab Sensis, SRC, Inc., and Welch Allyn.

How will development of White Pine Commerce Park impact Onondaga County’s economy?

High-tech advanced manufacturing holds the promise of transforming the Onondaga County economy through new high paying jobs, significant investment and increased economic activity.

Is there anything like this in Upstate NY?
The Luther Forest Technology Campus outside Albany, with its GlobalFoundries facility demonstrates the positive economic impact of this type of development. 

How many jobs will this create?

Using Luther Forest and GlobalFoundries as a guide, the 1,200-plus acre White Pine Commerce Park site is expected to create thousands of construction jobs and up to 4,000 permanent jobs should a semiconductor manufacturer choose this location. The average salary of the permanent jobs is estimated to be more than $100,000 a year.

What level of investment can the community expect?

Using Luther Forest and GlobalFoundries as a guide, a high-tech investment in White Pine Commerce Park and Onondaga County is expected to be over $10 billion which will spark added investment in a variety of other companies and organizations in the area.  

How will other businesses in the region benefit?

The investment in White Pine Commerce Park will create a robust supply chain of companies that will service a high-tech advanced manufacturing organization. 

The economic benefits are clear, but how could this project affect the wider community?

The positive impact of adding thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars of investment into the immediate area cannot be overstated. New capital and opportunity translate into an increase in general prosperity, more support for area nonprofits, and new opportunities for ALL members of our community.  

What impact could development at White Pine Commerce Park have on poverty?

Luther Forest Technology Campus’s experience is revelatory. Between 2013 and 2019, the number of SNAP Benefits recipients in Saratoga County decreased at a rate (-4.03%) significantly greater than what was seen in Onondaga County (-1.73%). 

How will this project affect residents of Central New York?

A large investment in White Pine Commerce Park will create jobs and opportunities for our community. The Luther Forest Technology Campus project is again a great example. In Saratoga County, the number of people employed between 2011 and 2021 increased 3.47%.

OCIDA mentions an impact on the region’s cultural vitality, “the likes of which have not been seen since companies like Carrier, GM and Allied Chemical employed thousands in our community.” What does OCIDA mean by this claim?

Imagine a Central New York where restaurants are full on a weeknight, sold-out concerts and events, fully supported civic and cultural organizations, additional shows and a buzz typically associated with high-tech hubs. Other growing cities have seen these types of projects positively impact their lifestyle environment.