Community Benefits

Economic Transformation

High-tech advanced manufacturing hold the promise of transforming the Onondaga County economy through new high paying jobs, significant investment and increased economic activity.

  • White Pine Commerce Park is expected to create thousands of construction jobs and up to 4,000 permanent jobs should a semiconductor manufacturer chose this location. 
  • Bringing high-tech industry to White Pine Commerce Park and Onondaga County is expected to generate $10 billion which will spark added investment in a variety of other companies and organizations in the area providing opportunities for students currently in the area or looking to move into the county.
  • The investment in White Pine Commerce Park will create a robust supply chain of companies that will service a high-tech advanced manufacturing organization. 

Opportunity for All

New capital and opportunity translate into an increase in general posterity, more support for area nonprofits, and new opportunities for ALL members of our community.  

  • Luther Forest Technology Campus’s experience is revelatory. Between 2013 and 2019, the number of SNAP Benefits recipients in Saratoga County decreased at a rate (-4.03%) significantly greater than what was seen in Onondaga County (-1.73%).  
  • White Pine Commerce Park will create jobs and opportunities for ALL members of our community. Again, in Saratoga County, the number of people employed between 2011 and 2021 increased 3.47%. While in Onondaga County our rate has stayed consistent.
  • A Central New York where restaurants are full on a weeknight, sold-out concerts and events, fully supported civic and cultural organizations, additional concerts or shows and a buzz typically associated with high-tech hubs. 

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